Why 35mm x 35mm? Because 35mm lens on a 35mm film frame is what many photographers consider the most versatile setup. It is the one focal length that will shine when photographing landscape, document, portrait, events, architecture, and many others. It allows to focus on the subject but at the same time tells us more about the surroundings. It is forcing us to come closer to our subject, helping us to interact and understand it better. This is the focal length that gives photographer peace of mind, allowing him to focus on the story he wants to tell wit his camera.

My name is Krzysztof Kurzaj and to me photography is a way of perceiving the world as well as communicating about it. People and their environment are my main interests. One can photograph people day after day and each time it will be something new, something thrilling, unexpected.

In my photography I'm trying to rely on simplicity in terms of tools and techniques used. While I am certainly not limiting myself I do believe that this 35mm lens mentioned above and a roll of B&W film is all that's needed to tell a good story. I hope the best stories to be told are yet ahead of me.