Spring clamp for flash

Today just a very quick DIY project for spring clamp with flash bracket. Camera stores offer few variations of this concept but the one I want to present is  cheaper of course and really easy to make.
We will need to stop at a local home improvement store as well as camera store for some parts:

  • Spring clamp typically found in tools section at Home Depot
  • A 3/8" nut
  • Double-male round spigot with 1/4" and 3/8" threads from camera store

  • Cheapest universal umbrella bracket

All of those should cost around $23 + tax. which is under half the price of similar accessories offered at camera stores.


Using a 3/8" metal bit drill we make a hole in one of the arms on the clamp as per picture:


Then we secure spigot with 3/8" nut...


,,,and install umbrella bracket on the spigot


Congratulations - you just saved yourself in 5 minutes almost $40 when comparing to similar offer from leading manufacturer of tripods. Sounds better than Geico saivings.